The Universe is dying. Legends state that before the beginning of time, the god bird, David Rook created all that is known: matter, life and law. But that foundation is in decay—the end is near. What happens next depends on those who seek the truth of the Universe, and will protect it at all costs.

Welcome to Rook Land.

David Rook, also known as Dave, the Rook Lord, and the God Bird, is the almighty creator and caretaker of the known Universe and all beings.

Rook enjoys a dual role of creation and mischief. Ancient legends paint him as absolutely crucial to the Universe, it is said that his heart was not always in the right place. Written legends from different cultures speak of Rook’s nature: very greedy and constantly “seeking food”. As one reads through the myths of Rook it becomes clear that while he is at times a merciful figure, he is not a generous one, often acting out of sheer vanity.

Because of his documented history and role as a godlike symbol, he is often regarded with both great respect and immense wariness. There is, however, a certain benevolence that surrounds him. Several religions have been formed over centuries worshiping him and his workshop, Wonderchild Labs.

David Rook with his WonderSet

Wonderchild Labs

Exterior view of Wonderchild Labs space station

Wonderchild Labs is a moon-sized, floating station founded thousands of years ago by Dave Rook. It is located in the inner atmosphere of planet Whittier, at the center of the Universe. Despite the mega structure’s omnipresence, few outsiders have seen the inside. The company itself is highly secretive, the majority of its labor force unknown.

It routinely creates technology meant to aid the quality of life for all beings. Some of these products include WonderSets, WonderCloth, WonderLimbs etc.

Wonderchild was originally created for the sole purpose of supporting the Corponents. As the Universe grew, Rook built peripheral structures throughout the constituent worlds to better aid them, while Wonderchild took on a more overseer role. All keepers of the constituency worlds (the Zaiyeedy of Grenson, the Pontifex of Blooett, the Nohoda of Redside, and the Proconsul of Whittier) answer directly to Dave Rook himself and the control division of Wonderchild.

The Corponents

Sketch of Rook’s Corponents. 

The Corponents are giant, ancient organisms created by Dave Rook to support life in the Universe. Each one resides in a different world, serviced and cared for by a civilization. The main Corponents are the Tree (food), the Cup (water), the Worm (waste), the Light (the sun), and supposedly the Angel (protection).

It is said that the Corponents share their own language unintelligible to the common being. This is known as the “God Tongue”.

An old visual of the Tree Corponent when it had its foliage.

The Shadow Group

Artist sketch of the Shadow Group.

The Shadow Group is a conspiracy theory composed of covertly allied influential government officials and businessmen from all over the Universe. The Group, operating at the highest levels of power, secretly started the Redside War, concealed from the public a plan to sabotage Wonderchild Labs and assassinate David Rook in order to secretly gain control over the Universe.

The theory with supposed evidence of the Shadow Group’s existence and exposed parties was first reported in The Central Report by Tom Varidy and Olive Lilywhite. The scandal ignited investigations which led to legal turmoil for The Report, and Varidy’s firing. Even after disciplinary action taken and with her job in jeopardy, Lilywhite still pursues the story in secret.

Mister Error

Artist rendering of Mister Error

Mister Error is a common allusion to a mythical, supernatural bogeyman in the Rook Universe used by adults and children alike to frighten each other.

While often referred to as a blanket reason for why people randomly go missing, the majority of the adult population does not believe in the monster’s actual existence. Whereas children will often use Mister Error stories or nursery rhymes to bully or tease.

Mister Error’s appearance seems to change from culture to culture. Ancient texts suggest the monster has the body of a human man. He is depicted as a monstrous man in a long jacket, wrapped in chains, and a head made of smoke and fire. Mister Error is sometimes referred to as, “The Crazy Catcher”, “The Blackness”, “The Shadow” or “The People-Taker”.

Is Mister Error real? If so, what role does he play in the Saga? Only time will tell.


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