Rook Land Saga roadmap

The Rook Land Saga is a series of highly-illustrated novels. Because of their size, individual Saga books are split into parts. So far, this is the release schedule we can share:

➊ Pearl is the first book in the Saga. Part I is available now. Part II is in production and planned for a July 2023 release.

➋ Harlow is the upcoming sequel to Pearl and the second book in the Saga. Harlow – Part I is set for a late 2024 release.

➌ Otto is the planned third book of the Saga. More details will be announced at a later date.

What is the Rook Land Saga?

Investigative journalist & author, Olive Lilywhite

The Rook Land Saga is an ongoing series of highly illustrated novels (a hybrid of novel and graphic novel). The Saga follows journalist (and author) Olive Lilywhite, as she works to stop a mysterious Shadow Group from taking over the Universe. Along the way, other titular characters join the battle. 

Right now, the Saga roadmap is consists of ➊ Pearl – Part I is available now, and Part II is finishing production with a release in Spring 2023. ➋ Harlow is the planned follow up, with the third story being ➌ Otto (more information will be made available on a later date.)


All Rook Land books target a Middle-Grade+ age appropriate reading level.

Because of their size, individual Saga stories are split into parts. For instance: (Book ❶) Pearl is spread across Pearl: Part I and Pearl: Part II. With images on every page, the Saga books balance art and text for an immersive, easy reading experience. Start the Saga today:



Set in a dying sci-fi/fantasy universe, investigative journalist Olive Lilywhite (a woman!) works to expose and stop a mysterious Shadow Group that threatens to control everything. 

Olive serves as the connecting thread in the Rook Land Saga. Joining her are other titular heroes (mostly heroines, if we’re being honest), the first of which is 12-year-old Pearl Turrane—adopted daughter of a planet leader who is in more trouble than she knows. There’s action, intrigue, love, betrayal…

But the thing that matters most: belief. Belief in the power of storytelling. Belief in others. Belief in yourself. That is what Rook Land is about. You. Will. Love. It.


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