Timeline of Universe History


This timeline attempts to chart most of the important events in the Rook Universe.

The Young Universe

  • Prehistory: before the beginning all that existed was a void without boundaries, without heat or cold, without light or darkness — “all that was before what is”. A void of gray.

A sketch of the void and the anomaly.

  • • The Trickster appears: a spontaneous anomaly tricks the void by presenting both law and anarchy, thereby creating the equilibrium of the universe – this trickster manifests itself as a black, bird-like creature. A rook.
  • • Escape from the void: Rook is forced from the void, and thus creates a ship that is the center of time and space.
  • • The Ship: Rook explores the young universe with his ship.
  • • The First Seed: to rest, Rook creates darkness. Out of boredom he plays in the darkness. Lost he can’t find his way back to the ship. Rook creates a bright celestial seed to find his way back to the ship.
  • • The First Beings: with spontaneity now in play, the first family of mortal beings are born: birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibian, arthropods and more. They inhabit the ship with Rook, naming it the “wonder child”. The First Beings live from the warmth of the Light. In time, they adopt the worship of Rook, giving him the name Deivid, meaning the beginning (dei “first breath”) and end (vid “last breath).

Age of Creation

Eons – 8000 BW (Before Wonder)

  • Rook creates the Celestial Seeds: hungry and thirsty, Rook selfishly creates more celestial seeds for his own pleasure and benefit – playing with their power. One Celestial Seed, however, refuses Rook it’s properties. This seed is red in color.
  • The Light is born: the first seed produces a firefly god (a Corponent). This firefly begins its first orbit around the wonder child ship. It’s realm is the surrounding darkness of space. The beings call the darkness “Blakon” and name the Corponent “the Light”.
  • Dominion over the Wonderchild: jealous of the diminutive but loving beings, Rook assumes full control of the ship – encasing it in an egg-shaped structure. Rook begins using the wonder child for his own experiments and creations.
  • Enslavement: The beings’ numbers grow more numerous. Their combined appetite with Rook leads the god bird to trick the beings into slavery to harvest the Celestial Seeds.
  • The Cup/Blooett world is created: slave beings harvest the blue Celestial Seed with the power of the Light and a water-bearing plant Corponent is born alongside the creation of the it’s own oceanic world. The world is named “Blooett” and the Corponent is known as “the Cup”.
  • The slave beings are so grateful for the Cup that they form a religion in Blooett called the Rook Holy Faith.  
  • The Tree/Grenson world is created: slave beings harvest the green Celestial Seed with the power of Light and the Cup, and a fruit-bearing, plant Corponent is born alongside the creation of the its own terrestrial farming world. The world is named “Grenson” and the Corponent is known as “the Tree”.
  • Other worlds begin forming: Rook creates a multitude of creatures to protect and aid the corponents.
  • Era of Tricks/Building Whitea: In exchange for food and water Rook tricks the slave beings into constructing a hollow world around Wonderchild as a way of worshipping him. This artificial world becomes known as “Whitea”. Factions of the slave beings attempt futile rebellions against Rook. Those who rebel are eaten by the god bird.
A depiction of the construction of early Whitea (background), and Rook’s hunting of the first heretic beings.
  • Era of Industry/Interworld Travel: Rook creates Interworld bridges for the slave tribes to travel and labor. The Universe enters a time of industry and rapid growth even during slavery – through the Interworld bridges the worlds become directly linked to one another. They all form around the center, which is Wonderchild and Whitea.
  • Era of Waste & Punishment: Rook forms a large slave colony and allows them to inhabit Whitea. A waste crisis occurs. Rook punishes the beings by eating the most wasteful of the tribe.
  • Era of Mercy: the slave beings beg for mercy. An unidentified rogue being offers to help Rook solve the waste problem on the terms that Rook meet his request. Rook accepts. The rogue presents a way of harvesting the red Celestial Seed in exchange for his own godship and followers. Rook accepts and thus, together, they create the Virtuan – a new faction of artificial being of virtue that will harvest the red Seed, and worship the rogue.
  • Redside world is created: The red celestial seed produces a Corponent with the unique power to erase matter. It will become the ultimate solution to the waste crisis. The Corponent becomes known as “the Worm”. It is cared for by the Virtuans and the Rogue, and its world realm becomes known as “Redside”. The Virtuans worship the Rogue God instead of Rook as per the deal.
  • Era of Peace: with the primary Corponents in place, the mortal slave beings worship Rook, while the Virtuans who worship the Rogue live free.

Age of Unrest

Eons – 4000 BW (Before Wonder)

  • The First War: Secularist beings who are influenced by the Virtuans organize a large rebellion against Wonderchild and Rook’s slaves. Believers versus non-believers. The Slave Rebellion begins.
  • Rook defeats the Rebellion.
  • The Second Great War: attack on Grenson – the Tree is burned (this is where it loses its middle branch).
  • Rook defeats the second rebellion. He continues to eat beings that do not worship him as their god.
  • Rogue attempts to stop Rook with a large faction of Virtuan military units.
  • Rook defeats Rogue and Rogue is driven into hiding. The god’s whereabouts are unknown.
  • Rook realizes he needs the beings in order for the Universe’s survival. He presents a treaty.
  • The remaining Virtuans agree to comply peacefully as long as they can continue worshipping their god. This spiritual struggle comes to be known as the number 17.   

Age of Wonder 

4000 BW – 500 BW (Before Wonder)

  • Corvament | Rook creates an agreement with the beings; dubbed “Corvament”. He will allow any and all beings to live freely, so long as they accept him as their god and accept the aid of Wonderchild.
  • The Law of Vegetarianism is passed by Wonderchild and Universe governments.
  • The WonderTop is constructed – the great time of peace begins.
  • The WonderMain is constructed.
  • The WonderEnd is constructed with the help of the Virtuans.
  • Wonderchild R&D laboratories are constructed on Cynelle.
  • The Universal Post is created.
  • The world of Magent pioneers new materials.
  • The Marden Clan rise to Power on Yelos. The family becomes key to modernizing energy in the Universe.
  • The beings coexist with Rook.
  • Huge technological advancements are made.
  • Universe population triples.
  • Whitean Archives are constructed to preserve legend and history.
  • Press Row is created in Whitea.
  • Rook allows to train several beings to be pupils as part of an experimental Wonderchild program. A young Mochs Marden is chosen to join.
  • Virtuan Separatists organize. They begin raising an army with the help of the powerful Gongo clan and pirate groups in Blakon – thus ending the Age of Wonder.

The Redside War

30 BW – 100 AW (After Wonder)

  • The WonderZip program is started as a possible alternative to quickly transporting waste.
  • 70 AW: Olive Lilywhite is born
  • Virtuan terrorists hijack the WonderEnd station in Redside.
  • Virtuan terrorists, with the help of Gongo army hijack the worm and declare the southern hemisphere of Redside a Virtuan state.
  • Rook declares war through the Whitean Proconsul. Whitean Army is deployed.
  • Soon after the Blooett Holy Army joins the Whitean military.
  • Grenson’s Bello Farm Coalition hesitates in fighting the war, but eventually joins the “Wonder Army”.
  • Rumors swirl of Redside Terrorists devising a new type of weapon technology from the Worm’s anti-life biology.
  • The Central Report’s Tom Varidy breaks the story of Wonderchild’s secret “WonderBomb”
  • Redside princess is kidnapped by Virtuan terrorists. War continues
  • Rumors of a dark angel figure fighting in the war surface – they are debunked as myth.
  • Olive Lilywhite joins the WSCC FireFox.
  • Mochs Marden Leaves Wonderchild and forms Feather Inc.
  • The war ends when the Worm is destroyed.

After Rook

106 AW – 1 AR (After Rook)

  • The Central Report runs a story by Tom Varidy and Olive Lilywhite – “The Shadow Group”
  • News of Dave Rook’s death surfaces
  • The Bello Tree seed is stolen by unknown forces
  • Pearl Allhadi goes missing from Bello City
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