A  P  R  I  L     2  0  1  9

Welcome to the universe.

Experience the first story in the Rookland saga. Pearl is an 8 episode graphic novel eBook – built specifically for your phone. 

Our first leading lady is the titular Pearl.

It isn’t easy being the daughter of Moosa Allhadi, the warden over all the food in the entire Universe. However, after a calamitous event, Pearl’s path takes an unusual turn as she finds herself far from home. Left to survive on her own, Pearl must experience her own sense of self and identity.

Leading lady #2 is rookie journalist Olive Lilywhite.

With her job on the line, Olive is assigned to cover a weather story in Pearl’s home of Bello City right after she goes missing.

However, Olive quickly discovers that a new conspiracy could threaten the entire Universe.

Every eBook episode comes to life with hand-drawn animations, tailored to every page.

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