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Wonderchild Labs is a moon-sized, floating station founded thousands of years ago by god Dave Rook. It is located in the inner atmosphere of Whitea, at the center of the Universe. Despite the mega structure’s omnipresence, few outsiders have seen the inside. The company itself is highly secretive, the majority of its labor force unknown.

It routinely creates devices meant to aid the quality of life for all beings. Some of these products include WonderSets, WonderCloth, WonderLimbs etc.

Wonderchild was originally created for the sole purpose of supporting the Corponents. As the Universe grew, Rook built peripheral structures throughout the constituent worlds to better aid them, while Wonderchild took on a more overseer role. All keepers of the constituency worlds (the Zayidi of Grenson, the Pontifex of Blooett, the Fairvalt of Redside, the Proconsul of Whitea and the Nohoda of Blakon) answer directly to Dave Rook himself and the control division of Wonderchild.

With the recent death of Rook it is unknown what will become of Wonderchild Labs.

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