Willaq & Rodrigo Marcés

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HOMEWORLD   –  Redside
GENDER   –  Males
SPECIES   –  Canis Convolvens & Homo Sapian
OCCUPATION   –  Bounty Hunting Duo
AFFILIATION   –  Fudoki Services

Willaq and Rodrigo are a formidable bounty hunting duo who frequently do contract work for Fudoki services in Whitea.



With their customized weaponry, and silent demeanor, Willaq and Rodrigo are two of the most feared bounty hunters in the Universe. They trained at an early age and learned combat and martial skills together. Over the course of their careers, which have included contracts for the Fudoki as well as the WaveMaker and the criminal underworld, they have become somewhat of a legend.

Rodrigo is friends with Central Report journalist Olive Lilywhite – who sometimes uses him as a source to the criminal world.


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