The Jacobsons

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The Jacobsons are a family unit who are allegiant to Bello and the Faith of Rook. They are well known within the walls of the WonderTop and are noteworthy for their overall goodness, devotion and sharp judgement. You will be hard pressed to find a more noble group. They are friends to the Zayidi and the Executive Protector branch of the Coalition.

HOMEWORLD   –  Grenson
SPECIES   –  Homo Sapian
AFFILIATION   –  Bello Farm Coalition


Kelsey Jacobson

The matriarch of the family. Kelsey works as a medical supervisor at the WonderTop in Bello City (aka Farm City). Originally from the north Bello city of Taff, Kelsey has carved out a rich family life within the Farm capital.


Alex Jacobson

A lawyer who works for the Coalition Court. Word has it that Alex is next in line to be named Chief Justice on the Bello Military Court. He is known for his witty vernacular and attention to legal detail from several Worlds judicial systems within the Universe.


Benjamin Jacobson

A little warrior-in-training. Ben can often be found in a WonderTop classroom on the 205th floor, or on a Tribble playground. He is incredibly protective of his sibling brother Henry.


Henry Jacobson

The baby.


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