Oland Bons

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HOMEWORLD   –  Whitea
GENDER   –  Male
SPECIES   –  Simia Hamadryas
OCCUPATION   –  Military Space Commander
AFFILIATION   –  WSC  |  Wonderchild Labs

Admiral Oland Bons served aboard the WSCS FireFox durind the Virtuan Redside War, where he oversaw several theatre fronts. He is also personally close to journalist Olive Lilywhite, who used to be a communications officer under his command during the war.


Oland Bons was first introduced to the public in the February 201X article ‘The Shadow Group’ by Central Report reporters Olive Lilywhite and Tom Varidy. According to the authors, Bons was a key source of information behind a series of stories which introduced the alleged misdeeds of the Whitean Pro-Consul administration to the general public in conspiring against Wonderchild Labs and Dave Rook. The scandal eventually led to a full-fledged investigation.

Jay Bisbee was the managing editor of the Report during the Shadow Scandal. At the time he dubbed the secret informant “The Stoolie”. For more than 2 years, The Stoolie’s identity was one of the biggest mysteries of Universe politics and journalism and the source of much public curiosity and speculation. Lilywhite and Varidy insisted that they would not reveal his identity until he died or consented to reveal it.

On May 31, 201X, Egotist Magazine revealed that Bons was The Stoolie in an article by Den D. O’Cunul. Bons reportedly said, “I’m the guy they used to call The Stoolie.” After the Egotist story broke, Lilywhite, Varidy, and Jay Bisbee, confirmed Bons’ identity as The Stoolie. Karen Kole, acting Vice-Consul of the Whitean government and Bons’ former boss, vehemently disputed Bons’ claim in several broadcast interviews. Kole and others have argued that The Stoolie was a compilation of fictitious sources characterized as one person in order to improve sales of the Report’s feldging paper sales. Lilywhite and Varidy, however, defended Bons’ claims and detailed their relationship with him in Lilywhite’s book The Secret One: The Story of The Shadow Scandal’s Stoolie.

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