Moosa Allhadi

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HOMEWORLD   –  Grenson
GENDER   –  Male
SPECIES   –  Hippopotamus Behemoth Lanatus
OCCUPATION   –  Zayidi Protector
AFFILIATION   –  The Central Report

Moosa Allhadi is the current sitting Zayidi and Executive Protector of the Bello Farms Coalition. He is the youngest to ever serve. Moosa is the most powerful figure on Grenson and answers only to Wonderchild Labs. His WonderStaff was bestowed upon him by Rook – it is his primary tool that measures vital signs of the Tree Corponent: a power conduit and sometimes weapon, which also serves as a symbol of his power and rank.



Moosa rose to political power early in life on the Pond Farms in South Bello before being hand selected by Dave Rook to be keeper of the Tree. He has a reputation as a dedicated leader, a loyal friend and a staunch believer in the Faith of Rook. Never married, Moosa is the adoptive father to Pearl Allhadi.

His beard is a h

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