Mochs Marden Sr.

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HOMEWORLD   –  Yelos
GENDER   –  Male
SPECIES   –  Homo Sapian
OCCUPATION   –  Scientist, Businessman
AFFILIATION   –  Marden Clan | Feather Inc.

Mochs Marden Sr. is the president of Feather Inc., the only competitor to Rook’s God company Wonderchild. He belongs to the powerful Marden clan which control most of Yelos, and the surrounding system. Mochs is famous for creating countless alternatives to Wonderchild’s own inventions. He is known for his cunning, wisdom and questionable motives though he claims everything he and Feather does is in pursuit of the greater future of the Universe.



The Marden clan is riddled with tragedy. Mochs once had two sons, Mochs Jr. (who died tragically in a Rail City building project) and Demarco (accidentally killed with his wife Eloise in a Virtuan terrorist attack).


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