Mister Error

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Artist sketch of Mister Error.


HOMEWORLD   –  Unknown
GENDER   –  Male
SPECIES   –  Unknown
OCCUPATION   –  Unknown
AFFILIATION   –  Unknown

Mister Error is a common allusion to a mythical, supernatural bogeyman in the Rook Universe used by adults and children alike to frighten each other.



While often referred to as a blanket reason for why people randomly go missing, the majority of the adult population does not believe in the monster’s actual existence. Whereas children will often use Mister Error stories or nursery rhymes to bully or tease.

The Mister Error symbol

Folklore has been adapted over time to state that he appears when you are alone; when you have made a grave mistake or committed a mortal sin, when people around you have had enough of your behavior, or when you are orphaned with no friends or family. He is essentially the bogeyman, Death and the devil combined into one.



Mister Error’s appearance seems to change from culture to culture. Ancient texts suggest the monster has the body of a human man. He wears a heavy black coat with hanging chains or cords. A fiery wave surrounds him wherever he goes. His head takes many obscure and abstract shapes — including a storm of fire or electricity, or simply a dark abyss. He has no discernible face or facial features.

Mister Error is sometimes referred to as, “The Crazy Catcher”, “The Blackness”, “The Shadow” or “The People-Taker”.


Nursery Rhyme

A famous nursery song about Mister Error was written by musician Oscar Anderson during the Age of Wonder. Parents will sing the lullaby or tell the rhyme to children, warning them that if they do not behave, Mister Error will come to get them. It is not sung from the perspective of anyone or thing in particular, it is simply about the monster:

The Mister Error Song:

The Song Lyrics:

He takes them when they’re all alone, he takes them if they’ve got no home,

He takes them if they’ve been too loud, too messy, mean or much too proud.

Mister Error sees you too. He is going catch you!

He takes them when they steal and kill, the wind is calm the air is chill,

He takes them and they won’t return, their lesson they will never learn,

Mister Error sees you too, he is going catch you!

One gone, two gone,

Benny and Sue gone,

Three gone, four, till there aren’t any more, gone,

Five six seven and you won’t go to heaven.

Eight nine ten, and you’re never seen again.

Eight nine ten. Mister Error takes again.

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