Jonny Bailey

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HOMEWORLD   –  Yelos
GENDER   –  Male
SPECIES   –  Servus Saccharum Partum
OCCUPATION   –  Visualist, Illustrator
AFFILIATION   –  The Central Report

Bailey Bot 64: Art Pro X Model, also known by his colloquial name “Jonny”, is a freelance illustrator robot who frequently collaborates with Olive Lilywhite as visualist for her reporting and stories.


Jonny belongs to a long line of android models known as the Baileys manufactured by Feather Inc. on Yelos. The Bailey model androids are typically programmed to be creative servants – often filling work heavy positions of graphic design, animation and illustration jobs. Jonny himself is a an older unit. His line was later replaced by the Bailey Bot 128 and 256 models. However, because of a custom jailbreak to his system drive, Jonny has the ability to work much quicker and longer than his contemporary counterparts.

He is mostly responsible for the art in the story ‘Pearl‘, as well as creating new RookPack characters.


Full body view of Jonny Bailey’s design.


He is known for his bad listening, forgetfulness but keen sense of perfection.




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