Jay Bisbee

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HOMEWORLD   –  Whitea
GENDER   –  Male
SPECIES   –  Magna Caeruleum Avem
OCCUPATION   –  Chief Editor
AFFILIATION   –  The Central Report

Jay Bisbee is the executive editor of The Central Report. He became a universal figure during the proconsulship of Whitean ProConsul , when he challenged the Whitean government over the right to publish the Bracelet Papers and oversaw the publication of Tom Varidy and Olive Lilywhite’s stories documenting the Shadow Group conspiracy scandal. A demanding perfectionist, Bisbee often assumes control over most aspects of the journalism process, from direction and writing to editing, and takes painstaking care with researching his team’s stories, working in close coordination with his journalists and other sources. He often asks for several dozen rewrites of the same story and/or headline of a article, which results in many conflicts with his staff.


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