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Grenson is a terrestrial farming world within the Rook Universe that is primarily responsible for the Universe’s food supply and realm of the Tree Corponent. The three main continents are Mid-Con, Tillio and Bello.



According to the Universe historical timeline the world of Grenson is one of the earliest created worlds.



Bello is a supercontinent on Grenson. It is a terrestrial farming land with a variety of climates and terrains. Despite this, more than half of the continent is comprised of barren desert. In actuality, Bello is the cradle and home to the Tree Corponent and functions as the main agricultural producer and supplier for the Universe. Bello is collectively governed by the Farm Coalition. The capitol of Bello is Farm City.



Mid-con is a continent located entirely in the Northern hemisphere on Grenson. It is half mountainous terrain, and the other half is mostly controlled by the Halig Corporation.



Tillio is the second largest continent located in the eastern hemisphere on Grenson. It is primarily governed by the Serpen Kingdom and neighbors the InterZone Expressway to Whitea as well as other neighboring worlds. Tillio is largely comprised of dense jungle, swamp lands and rocky terrain, riddled by several large canyons. The region is infamous for its gangster families, criminal underworld and ties to the Blakon pirate clans. However, Tillio is a massive center for trade in the Universe, and thus an economic boon.


Croma Ocean

The Croma Ocean is a large body of water in Grenson’s southern hemisphere. It links directly to South Bello’s HydroTropic region where the Tree’s mountainous roots break surface with the ocean water. Grenson’s InterZone Express Hub is built around the world’s south axis of rotation center in the middle of the Croma Ocean.



Grenson has seven moons.

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