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Feather Teca is a multi-world technology corporation headquartered in Delonia on Yelos. Feather designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computers and services.

Founded by Mochs Marden Sr. The corporation sees itself as a permanent replacement for the now defunct Wonderchild Labs. Feather, while a young company, has an extensive history with corruption, controversy, and conspiracy.

The Mardens are one the most powerful family clans in the Universe. Because of their platinum hair it is said that they are kissed by the Light. Their family crest is marked by the Thunderbird Sub-Corponents who bring dust and eletric storms to generate energy.


A Feather factory in Yelos.


According to Mochs, the company’s name was inspired by the neon yellow Sub-Corponent Thunderbird feathers that fall during the migration to Yelos during the summer season. Marden thought the name Feather was “playful, sophisticated and un-intimidating.”

Feather Teca is largely responsible for some of the latest innovative Universe advancement projects such as the iconic Rail City line (whole countries that are built onto a giant, mobile wheel), the Light Loop, and Marden’s dream project code-named “ANA” (which is designed and developed to be a planet sized bio-computer brain that creates artificial elements in place of past and present Corponents).

“Forward”, the current slogan of Feather as advertised in Yoonish.


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