Dave Rook

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HOMEWORLD   –  Whitea
GENDER   –  Male
SPECIES   –  Celestial Corvus Behemoth
OCCUPATION   –  Creator
AFFILIATION   –  Wonderchild Labs

David Rook, also known as Dave, the Rook Lord, and the God Bird, was the almighty creator and caretaker of the known Universe and all beings. He founded Wonderchild Labs on his home world of Whitea. Once thought to be immortal, Rook’s death signaled mass hysteria around the future of the worlds and Corponents.



Dave Rook enjoyed a dual role of creation and mischief. Ancient legends paint him as absolutely crucial to the Universe, it was said that his heart was not always in the right place. Written legends from different cultures speak of Rook’s nature: very greedy and constantly “seeking food”. As one reads through the myths of Rook it becomes clear that while he was at times a merciful figure, he was not a generous one, often acting out of sheer vanity.

Because of his documented history and role as a godlike symbol, he was often regarded with both great respect and immense wariness. There is, however, a certain benevolence that surrounded him. Several religions have been formed over centuries worshipping him and Wonderchild Labs, the largest being the Blooett Holy Wing Faith, also known as the Faith of Rook.

While several reports announced he died from an unknown anomaly, journalist Olive Lilywhite of the Central Report has led a secret investigation into events surrounding the true cause of his mysterious death.

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