Cruz Greene

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Cruz Greene


HOMEWORLD   –  Grenson System  | F-n7 Moon
GENDER   –  Male
SPECIES   –  Homo Sapian
OCCUPATION   –  Athlete

Cruz Greene is a member of the Rozo Crew, a team of athletic warriors widely known for their dancing, good looks, and skillful stunts.


Cruz began life as a young boy on the mining colony of F-n7 with his parents, Taft Greene and Nora Cruz. When he was three years old, his hometown was visited by the Rozo, a demi-god race of black birds who served Rook. They were in need of Floratite, which was mined on F-n7 by Grensonian colonists there. They came in peace, and Cruz immediately found a kindred spirit in a Rozo elder named Mac. He taught Cruz that befriending and understanding others can be used to solve problems, demonstrating this philosophy by showing Cruz how to befriend Poncee, a rabbit-like creature who remained Cruz’s companion throughout his childhood. Taft Greene refused the Rozo the Floratite they sought, and the Rozo ship left F-n7 empty-handed.




Cruz in RL

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