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The Farm Coalition is the governing body of Bello on the world Grenson. The leadership consists of a council of executive directors who each serve over different divisions of farm production. They are led by the Zayidi who’s office is ordained by Rook and Wonderchild to protect and care for the Tree Corponent.


Long ago, the Grenson farms were established on Bello as separate, independently governed bodies to feed the slaves of the Old Universe. It wasn’t until an eon later when the Tree Corponent grew to titan-sized proportions that Rook appointed and installed the first Zayidi to care for the Tree as a ruler separate from the farms.

The farms held an alliance throughout the Bello continent. The farm states, governed by land nobles and patricians, facilitated farm management of common agricultural interests and ensured peace on important food exports to the rest of the Universe. These farms were key to slave survival and production throughout the Age of Creation.

During the Second Great War a Rebellion against Rook was launched. The Tree was targeted in an effort to cripple Rook’s power over the Universe beings. The nine original farms joined forces in allegiance to Rook and Wonderchild, the forty-second Zayidi Gan Kurra led the farms in defense of the Tree. The war convinced the farms of the need for unity. This expansion led to increased power and wealth for the Coalition and resulted in the new government helping Rook defeat the rebellion. Bello leaders from all strata of society, realized that the farms would profit and benefit more if their economic and Rook-adjacent religious interests were merged. Thus, the farms came together under one governing leader the Zayidi and two branches to keep the power in check – the current Bello Farm Coalition was created. The Coalition now controls all aspects of organic food throughout the Universe.


Current State

It is no secret that there is great political turmoil within the Farm Coalition. This is most likely due to the fact that the Tree’s life is coming to an abrupt end, and the Coalition’s need to solve the Universe food crisis. The turmoil became more dramatic following the news of Rook’s death. Several leaders have lobbied for allowing a hostile takeover of Bello by Halig Corporation. This would essentially combine the existing organic Tree food resources with artificial, genetically modified food. Other Coalition members oppose the motion and have called for an alternative solution that is still loyal to Rook and Wonderchild’s original plan for feeding the Universe.


Government Structure

The Coalition is largely comprised of three branches: The Branch of Agriculture, the Legislative Branch and the Executive Protector Branch (the Zayidi Branch). The Bello logo is derived from the old Universe shape of the Tree Corponent when it was at its fullest – sporting a round, bell-like shape. Early farmers, thousands of years ago, worshiped Rook and the Tree, even naming the continent after the full bloom shape of the Tree. The nine stars within the Coalition seal represent all of the farms throughout Bello coming together as one single, giant farm.

Executive Chairman Protector Branch:

    1. Executive Chairman Protector – Zayidi Moosa Allhadi
    2. Chief Advisor – Old Bird
    3. Corponent Advisory Council

Legislative Branch:

    1. Engineering Chairman – Bin Jamen
    2. Materials Chairman – Jonsa Hapi
    3. Administration Director – Rena Lotta
    4. Finance Chairman – Dod Guul
    5. Production Director – Jass Sabar
    6. Climate Services Director – Old Bird
    7. Defense Director – Nade Shelljoy
    8. Energy Chairman – Woman
    9. R&D Director – Beezl Ba
    10. Marketing Director – Ron Goodcrop

Agriculture Branch:

    1. Orchard Farms 1 Chairman (North East) – Moudi Sbeity
    2. Orchard Farms 2 Chairman (South East) – Fara Rysaah
    3. Orchard Farms 3 Chairman (West) – Epon Zura
    4. Aqua Farms 1 Chairman – Ro Dedgey
    5. Aqua Farms 2 Chairman – Huffa Mump
    6. Rock Farms Chairman – Rhum Sheer
    7. Silk Farms Chairman – Voss FlyCatcher
    8. Milk Farms Chairman – Maryam Fyam
    9. Egg Farms Chairman – Yura Finch
    10. Cotton Farms Chairman – Beau Wayover
    11. Vine Farms Chairman – Jenny A. Raffaneli
    12. Bean Farms Chairman – Harrel Rzpeck


A Bello Farm advertisement that reads “Our Tree” in Yoonish. The emphasis is placed on organic food that is blessed by Rook, whereas new synthetic food created by Halig is publicly opposed to Rook and Wonderchild.

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