Recently, the Rookland universe is expanding faster than a Serrated Satchmo lays eggs. Every time you turn your head, there’s a new character, story, or digital adventure. Frankly, it can be hard to keep track, so here’s this handy guide to explain all the different directions the Rookland universe is headed in.

Hold on…

Maybe you’re thinking, “Wait. What even is Rookland?” Well Rookie, great question. The universe (or Rookland as it is colloquially referred to) is a Sci-Fantasy space created by the almighty God Bird, David Rook. While it consists of many worlds, the “core four” are Whitea, Grenson, Blooett and Redside

Olive Lilywhite

The Rookland universe follows many real life characters. However, none are more important than Olive Lilywhitean intrepid young journalist who is only human. Olive is the ultimate fangirl, she represents the spirit and idealism of Rookland, of the imagination that needs to keep pushing despite the risk involved. So while there are many stories to be told and truths to uncover, Olive is always there to tell them.

The Saga

The canonical story of Rookland follows Olive Lilywhite as she meets new characters. The first story series is titled ‘PEARL’, which will include eight episodes and will tell the story of a young girl named Pearl who must discover her true self against all odds of a conspiracy that threatens the entire universe

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